Alcatel Flash 2 Smartphone Review

Alcatel Flash 2 Smartphone Review

Camera Performance - Photo & Video

Camera Performance – Photos

The Alcatel Flash 2’s emphasis on mobile photography is really obvious. Its main gSight camera uses a 13 megapixel Samsung ISOCELL sensor with a fast f/2.0 lens. That allows it to take high-resolution photos (4096 x 2304) in relatively poor lighting.

Despite their best efforts, the Alcatel Flash 2 (Lazada / Amazon) is not going to be a replacement for a dedicated DSLR or a higher-end smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S6 (for example). The Samsung ISOCELL sensor is relatively noisy. If you blow up the picture on a desktop, you can see consistent noise (speckling and artifacts). However, they are only of real concern if you are going to make large prints of these photos.

The sensor also produced rather unsaturated photos. We would have liked them to be more vivid. That said, the gSight main camera takes very good pictures for a smartphone at this price point. In fact, you will probably only find the same photographic capability in smartphones that cost twice as much.


Camera Performance – Video Recording

The Alcatel Flash 2 (Lazada / Amazon) can record full HD (1080p) videos – a real feat for a smartphone at this price point. You won’t get any optical image stabilisation, but it supports EIS (electronic image stabilisation). Here is a sample video we recorded of a piano performance by Mr. Yang I-Deun.

The Alcatel Flash 2 (Lazada / Amazon) did a reasonably good job of controlling the exposure of the scene, although the bright areas were overexposed. Overall, it was rather exceptional performance for a smartphone at this price point.