78-Card GeForce RTX 3080 Mining Rig Powered Up!

The mega crypto-mining rig, built using 78 GeForce RTX 3080 graphics cards, has powered up!

Check it out, and find out why crypto-miners are buying graphics cards by the pallets!


78-Card GeForce RTX 3080 Mining Rig Almost Operational!

You may have seen Simon Byrne’s crypto-mining rig, that uses 78 GeForce RTX 3080 graphics cards arranged in an array of 13 x 6 cards.

That 78-card RTX 3080 mining rig, which he calls Bertha 2, is almost operational. And he’s keeping it cool with 120 fans, with RGB, of course! It is said – RGB makes thing go faster? 😉

In this picture, you can see most of the GeForce RTX 3080 graphics cards powered up. When fully operational, it should deliver 6.5 gigahashes per second!

In case you are wondering what Berta – his first-generation mining rig – looks like, here is a photo he shared :

He created Bertha 1 using 130 Zotac GeForce RTX 1080 Ti graphics cards, in January 2018 – 3 years ago!


How Much Money Can This RTX 3080 Crypto Mining Rig Make?

Just how much money can Simon make from this crypto-mining rig?

Officially, RTX 3080 cards start at $699, but due to the shortage of cards, they are now selling for about $1,199 each.

So the cards in this rig alone would cost approximately $93,522. Let’s call it a flat $100,000 for the whole rig, plus power supplies.

The average commercial electricity rate in Las Vegas (where he’s based) is 8.43 cents per kWh. So electricity should cost about $1444 per month. Let’s make that $2166 per month (+50%) to account for cooling costs.

Each GeForce RTX 3080 has a hash rate of 83.57 MH/s using the Ethash (Phoenix) algorithm, which should generate approximately 0.22236870 ETH worth US$165 every month.

So the total rig of 78 cards should generate 17.3447586 ETH worth $12,840 per month. Deducting electricity costs, that’s a net profit of $10,674 per month or $128,088 per year!

That’s an incredible ROI of 10.7% per month, which means he recovers the cost of the entire rig in just under 9.5 months.

No wonder crypto miners are buying up graphics cards by the pallets… at the expense of PC gamers all around the world!

Simon assured gamers that he doesn’t buy his cards from the regular retail supply chain. However, the large-scale purchase of graphics cards for crypto-mining is a major cause of graphics card shortage across the world.


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