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Jordon Trishton Walker on Directed Evolution : What are the Facts?

Jordon Trishton Walker has gone viral for claiming that Pfizer is thinking of mutating COVID-19 using Directed Evolution! Take a look at the vira...

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25 FREE Steam Games + DLCs : 29 Jan 2023 Update!

Here are 16 games and 9 DLCs you can add to your Steam account for FREE, and they are yours to keep forever! Don't forget to LIKE the Tech ARP Fa...

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Samsung Galaxy S23 Series : All The Leaks So Far!

Take a look at the key details and specifications that has leaked ahead of the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy S23 series smartphones!...

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Malaysia COVID-19 Booster Dose Policy : 4 Jan 2023!

The Malaysia Ministry of Health just updated its COVID-19 booster dose policy, and will now offer walk-in booster dose at all KKM hospitals and c...

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