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 01 April 2011
 Technology Report
 C. Lee Yu
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Intel Future SSD Models Leaked! Rev. 2.0
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Intel Future SSD Models Leaked!

Just when we thought we lost our friend in Intel, he came through for us! Last year, he was suddenly transferred to a different department and we thought we lost our source of all those goodies we posted on Intel processors and whatnots, but what do you know - he now has the goodies on Intel's solid state drive (SSD) programme!

As you all know, Intel recently launched the new Intel 320 Series SSD based on the spanking new 25 nm NAND flash memory. Well, according to our source, that's just the tip of the Intel lance. Intel will be releasing two new solid state drive series for the 2.5" form factor and check this out - Intel will also be taking on the desktop market! Details to follow. First, let's take a look at the two new SSD series :


Intel 520 Series Solid State Drive

This family will replace the current Intel 510 series SSD, which uses 34 nm NAND flash memory. This new SSD series will use the new 25 nm NAND flash memory that debut in the recently-released Intel 320 series SSD. Here are the specifications :


Intel 710 Series Solid State Drive

The new 710 series SSD will replace the Intel X25-E Extreme series of SSDs for servers and workstations It will use single-level cell (SLC) NAND flash memory fabricated using the 34 nm process technology. It also gets the SATA 6 Gb/s upgrade and a boost to its MTBF.



Although it is not stated in the spec sheets above, Intel will also be rolling out a new driver which would finally allow SSDs in a RAID array to support the TRIM command. Although the last version (released on March 19, 2010 - a whole year ago) claimed to do that, it actually only allowed a pass-through mode - allowing the SSD to be used with a separate RAID array.

Although the Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver version 10.x.x will probably only debut with the launch of the new Intel 520 and Intel 710 series SSDs, it support TRIM for RAID arrays using older Intel SSDs. In fact, the TRIM functionality is independent of the SSD - it will support non-Intel SSDs as well. However, it will only work on Intel motherboards, of course!

Earlier, we mentioned that Intel will be taking on the desktop market. In fact, they intend on taking on a niche market that's currently being dominated by the likes of OCZ Technology and SuperTalent. Take a look!


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Intel Future SSD Models Leaked!
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