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 15 December 2009
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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Intel Core i7-975 Extreme Edition Processor Review
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Intel Core i7-975 Extreme Edition Quad Core Processor

The Intel Core i7 is a new line of desktop processors based on the new Nehalem microarchitecture, which evolved from the Core microarchitecture which powered the highly successful Intel Core 2 line of microprocessors. Like its predecessors, the new Core i7 processors is manufactured using Intel's 45 nm fabrication process with high-k (hafnium) dielectric and metal gate technology. However, that is where the similarity ends.

Unlike the Core 2 processors, the new Core i7 processors have a monolithic design. That means the entire quad-core processor is fabricated on a single die. The quad-core version of the Core 2 processor, on the other hand, combines two dual-core dies in a multi-chip package (MCP). The Core i7 processor also introduces a slew of new technologies :

  • an integrated DDR3 memory controller
  • a three-tier cache design
  • QuickPath Interconnect
  • Intel Turbo Mode technology

Today, we will be taking a close look at the new Intel Core i7-975 Extreme Edition processor, which debuted on June 3, 2009. As Extreme Edition moniker hints, this processor comes with unlocked multipliers as well as a correspondingly hefty price tag.

But how fast is it really? After all, this is a high-end enthusiast-grade processor with a very, very hefty price tag. It had better be a couple of Mach numbers faster than the Core 2 processors! Well, this is what we will be looking into this review. Not only will we examine its performance in games, we will also take a look at its performance in 3D rendering and video encoding.

For the full details, read our Comprehensive Review!

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Comprehensive Review

Code Name

• Bloomfield XE

sSpec Number


Core Stepping

• D0

CPUID String

• 106A5


• LGA1366

Transistor Count

• 731 Million

Fabrication Process

• 45 nanometer high-k

Die Size

• 263 mm3

Processing Cores

• 4 Cores

# Of Threads

• 8 Threads

Clock Speed

• 3.33 GHz

Internal Base Clock

• 133 MHz

CPU Multiplier

• 25x

QPI Speed

• 6.4 Gigatransfers per second

L1 Cache

• 32 KB x 4

L2 Cache

• 256 KB x 4

L3 Cache

• 8 MB shared

VID Voltage Range

• 0.80 V minimum
• 1.375 V maximum

Maximum Current

• 145 A

Thermal Design Power

• 130 W

Maximum Operating Temperature

• 67.9 °C

Memory Support

• DDR3-1333 (Unofficial)
• DDR3-1066
• DDR3-800

Memory Voltage Range

• 1.425 V minimum
• 1.575 V maximum

Supported Features

• Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology
• Intel EM64T
• Intel Virtualization Technology
• Intel Turbo Mode Technology
• SSE 4.2
• Enhanced Halt State (C1E)
• Execute Disable Bit (XD Bit)
• Intel Thermal Monitor 2


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Intel Core i7-975 EE Overview




The Intel Core i7-975 Extreme Edition Processor
Processor Specifications


Intel Turbo Mode Technology
DDR3 Memory Controller


The Delta DBX-A Cooler
Cooler Specifications


Testing The Intel Core i7-975 EE


Left 4 Dead Benchmark Results


Crysis Warhead Benchmark Results


CINEBENCH R10 Benchmark Results


x264 HD Benchmark 3.0 Results


Super PI Benchmark Results


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