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 26 December 2007
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Edifier C3 2.1 Speaker System Review
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Edifier C3 2.1 Multimedia Speaker Set Review

The Edifier C3 is a pretty unique PC multimedia speaker system. Unlike conventional 2.1 multimedia speaker system, the Edifier C3 is a separate-component speaker system. This means its amplifier is separate from the subwoofer with its own enclosure.

This has several advantages, from giving you total freedom in placing the subwoofer to easier access to the amplifier controls. Separating the amplifier from the subwoofer also improves its heat dissipation since the amplifier does not need to share the cramp subwoofer enclosure with the bass driver.

The Edifier C3 speaker system is well-designed with easy-to-use connectors, extra input and output ports and a remote control. Its build quality is excellent but the use of medium-density fibreboard (MDF) in the construction of the satellite speakers and subwoofer do make them somewhat fragile. Care should be taken when transporting or moving them around.

The E.I.D.C. feature worked as expected which should benefit everyone but those who intend to blast loud music at their parties. Power freaks may want to look at other speakers instead, but be prepared to pay much higher prices if you don’t want to sacrifice quality and functionality.

The Edifier C3's key advantages are its value-added features like the E.I.D.C. system, its separate amplifier and remote control. So, if you are looking for these features in a 2.1 speaker system, you should definitely take a look at the Edifier C3.

If you are interested in buying an Edifier speaker system, why not win one? We have just launched a giveaway contest together with Edifier, where you stand to win not only an Edifier 5.1 speaker system but also ten Edifier earphones! For more details on the contest, click here!

For more details, read our Comprehensive Review!


• RM369 ($112)

Lowest PriceGrabber Price


Comprehensive Review

Available Colour

• Black

Total Power Output

• 2 x 8 W RMS (satellite speakers)
• 1 x 30 W RMS (subwoofer)

Satellites (each)

• 1 x 3.5” mid-range driver
• 1 x 13 mm silk diaphragm tweeter
• Magnetically shielded


• 1 x 8” long-throw woofer
• Magnetically shielded

Frequency Response

• 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz

Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR)

• 85 dB

Special Features

• E.I.D.C (Electronic-Intelligent-Distortion-Control) System
• MDF wood enclosure
• Infra-red remote control

Audio Inputs

• 2 x (Left & Right) RCA ports
• 2 x 3.5 mm ports

Audio Outputs

• 1 x headphone port

Equalizer Settings

• Bass
• Treble


• 16.6 kg

Package Contents

• Two Edifier C3 satellite speakers
• One Edifier C3 subwoofer
• One Edifier C3 amplifier
• One power cable
• One 3.5 mm stereo-to-RCA cable
• Three speaker cables
• One infra-red remote control
• One user manual / installation guide


• 1 year

Distributor (South-East-Asia Region)

• Inter-Asia Technology Pte. Ltd.
• Tel: +603 6276 6292
• Web:


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