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 03 July 2003
 Cooler Master
 Brian Chong (goldfries)
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Cooler Master CoolDrive 3 Hard Disk Cooler Review
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The Cooler Master CoolDrive 3

We have yet another product from the renowned PC cooling manufacturer, Cooler Master. But instead of the usual CPU coolers, we will be taking a look at their CoolDrive 3 instead! As the name says, it's a hard disk cooler!


First Impressions

The unit came in a nice black box with cool design that shows you what the unit looks like.

Although the cover already hinted at its design, I was still impressed by how good it looked on opening the box!

But before we go into further details, let's take a look at the basic features and specifications of the Cooler Master CoolDrive 3!




Specifications & Features

Fan Dimensions
40 x 40 x 20 mm
Rated Speed
4500 RPM
Air Flow
9.21 CFM
Rated Voltage
12 V
Noise Level
29 dB(A)

Here's what Cooler Master has to say about their CoolDrive 3 :-

      • Stylish front plate design with 2 blue LEDs.
      • Aluminum Heatsink for superior cooling.
      • Reduce hard drive noise.
      • Suitable for any standard size hard drive.
      • Removable front panel & filter for easy cleaning.

Now, let's see what we have in the package.

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