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 16 January 2007
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Jetart NC3000 Cool Stand Notebook Cooler Review
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Jetart NC3000 Cool Stand Notebook Cooler

The Cool Stand is an interesting notebook cooler from Jetart. Unlike other passive notebook coolers, Jetart adds adjustable height and a swivel base to the Cool Stand, turning it into more than just another notebook cooler. The Cool Stand not only serves as a notebook cooler, it also converts the notebook into a presentation tool.

The adjustable rear height of the Cool Stand also allows you to adjust the slant of the keyboard, which may help reduce RSI. In addition, it increases the height of the display, which on a notebook normally isn't high enough to be comfortable.

Of course, it's not as good a cooler as active notebook coolers with fans blowing cool air against the underside of the notebook. But thanks to the elevation of the notebook, it will definitely cool down the notebook better than regular passive coolers.

It's also great that the Cool Stand is so slim. With the support rod folded down, it's slim enough to fit most laptop bags. And thanks to its plastic construction, it's really light at just 385 g.

The swivel feature could be a plus, but it could be a problem as well. It's great for presentations. Just twirl the notebook in the direction you need. But this feature becomes a liability when you actually use the notebook. The easy movement of the notebook can get really irritating.

Overall, this is a pretty interesting notebook cooler. It's more than a passive notebook cooler. It offers height adjustability and a swivel feature. It's certainly not for everyone, but if you are into presentations, this is a notebook cooler you should check out.

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Lowest PriceGrabber Price

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Comprehensive Review


• NC3000

Available Colours

• Black

Notebook Sizes Supported

• 12" - 14" Notebooks


• Length : 278 mm
• Width : 260 mm
• Thickness : 25 mm


• ABS Plastic


• 360 °

Weight • 385 g
Features • No power needed
• Adjustable typing posture

Package Contents

• One NC3000 Cool Stand


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