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 07 January 2005
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ATI Radeon X800 Voltage Modding Guide Rev. 2.0
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As most of you know, a voltage boost is always useful in improving a processor's overclockability. Increasing the processor's voltage allows it to run faster than it normally can, albeit at the expense of a higher thermal output. The best part is increasing the processor's voltage is usually a simple matter of going into the BIOS and adjusting its voltage setting. You can also do the same to your system memory!

However, it is not so simple when it comes to boosting the voltage of your graphics card's GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and memory chips. There is no BIOS setup menu for you to adjust its voltage. So, if we want to boost the voltages of the GPU and/or memory chips, we have no choice but to physically mod the graphics card. Such modifications to boost voltage are naturally called volt mods or voltage mods.

Today, I will go through four voltage modding methods for the ATI Radeon X800 series card. There will be two different voltage modding methods for the GPU and two for the memory chips. These methods have been used by many modders so they shouldn't pose any problems to you. Just make sure you read through the entire guide and follow our steps carefully.


What Is This Guide About?

As the title suggests, we are going to go through the Radeon X800 voltage modding methods. You are new to voltage modding? Don't worry, this guide is intended for the new modders, like the several voltage modding guides we have. So, I will explain the methods step-by-step to make it easier to understand. Therefore, you should have no problem volt modding your Radeon X800 card.

However, these methods should also apply to some other cards in the Radeon X800 series, especially if they use the same PCB. The voltage mods for the Radeon X800 Pro/XT is very similar to the Radeon 9800XT. You can have a look at the ATI Radeon 9800XT Voltage Modding Guide if you wish to.

Please remember though that any modification of your card automatically voids its warranty. There is also the risk of damaging your card. We will not be held responsible for any damage to your card if you follow the mods in this guide.


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