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DVMT Mode Select

Common Options : Fixed Mode, DVMT Mode, Combo Mode

Quick Review

Unified Memory Architecture (UMA) is a concept whereby system memory is shared by both CPU and graphics processor. While this reduces cost, it also reduces the system's performance by taking up a large portion of memory for the graphics processor.

Intel's Dynamic Video Memory Technology (DVMT) takes that concept further by allowing the system to dynamically allocate memory resources according to the demands of the system at any point in time. The key idea in DVMT is to improve the efficiency of the memory allocated to either system or graphics processor.

The BIOS feature that controls all this is the DVMT Mode BIOS feature. It allows you to select the DVMT operating mode.

When set to Fixed Mode , the graphics driver will reserve a fixed portion of the system memory as graphics memory. This ensures that the graphics processor has a guaranteed amount of graphics memory but the downside is once allocated, this memory cannot be used by the operating system even when it is not in use.

When set to DVMT Mode, the graphics chip will dynamically allocate system memory as graphics memory, according to system and graphics requirements. The system memory is allocated as graphics memory when graphics-intensive applications are running but when the need for graphics memory drops, the allocated graphics memory can be released to the operating system for other uses.

When set to Combo Mode , the graphics driver will allocate a fixed amount of memory as dedicated graphics memory, as well as allow more system memory to be dynamically allocated between the graphics processor and the operating system.

It is recommended that you set this BIOS feature to DVMT Mode for maximum performance. Setting it to DVMT Mode ensures that system memory is dynamically allocated for optimal balance between graphics and system performance.

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