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Common Options : Enabled, Disabled

Quick Review

This BIOS feature is used to enable or disable the motherboard's APIC (Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller). The APIC provides multiprocessor support, more IRQs and faster interrupt handling.

However, it is only supported by newer operating systems like Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Older operating systems like DOS or Windows 95/98 do not support this feature.

It is recommended that you enable this feature if you are using a newer operating system like Windows XP. Disable it only if you are using an older operating system like DOS or Windows 95/98.

In addition, if you notice clicks and pops when you are listening to music or working with audio files, try disabling this BIOS feature. Some PCI audio cards work better with APIC disabled.

Please note that if you have earlier installed Windows XP with ACPI enabled in the BIOS, Windows XP will no longer boot up if ACPI is disabled in the BIOS. You will need to reinstall Windows XP.

When you load the Windows XP installation routine, the following message will appear on screen :

Press F6 if you have to install a third-party SCSI or RAID driver.

At this point, press the F5 key (not F6!). You can also press the F7 key to immediately load the Standard PC HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) during the installation process.

If you press the F5 key, you will be given a choice of selecting the computer type. Select Standard PC. Using the Standard PC HAL, in conjunction with a single IRQ for the sound card, can improve its performance. (Thanks, Johnny!)

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