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Although Tech ARP has been online since August 1998, we didn't really require any serious financing since most of our bandwidth was sponsored.

However, beginning December 2002, we went completely independent and paid for our own hosting. I'm happy to report that since then, we have had an explosive growth.

In three months, we have had to upgrade from a 20GB shared hosting account to a 100GB account and then our own dedicated server with 500GB of bandwidth! We are currently running on an improved server using Windows 2003 Server. Amazing, isn't it? ;)

We take that as a sign that you have all liked our work! We thank you for your support and for visiting this page. By clicking here, you have shown that you would like to help us out at Tech ARP. First, I think I should point out our problems :-

1. We are on our own dedicated Windows 2003 server with 1TB of guaranteed bandwidth, which costs us a great deal of money.

2. Our advertising reach is ultra-low, since we rely entirely on banners from advertising agencies which are being blocked by the rampant use of ad-blocking technology in many software (i.e. Kazaalite's host list, firewalls and ad-blockers).

3. We no longer allow pop banner campaigns on our site although they pay extremely well. In fact, the single targeted pop-up campaign we ran in the past contributed to over 80% of our revenues! With the cap on pop advertising campaigns in place, we have lost our main source of revenue.

What it all boils down to is we need your help in keeping Tech ARP afloat!

YOU can help keep this site afloat. If you like our work and would like to see this site flourish, please think about donating a little to our cause. Your donations will not only help us maintain our server and pay for the massive bandwidth needed to sustain the traffic.

In addition, our chief editor, Dr. Adrian Wong has quit medical practice to work full-time on Tech ARP. So, his livelihood is entirely dependent on the success of Tech ARP. If you like his work and would like to support our cause, donate today!



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How about YOU?


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